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Ultimate Smart Bed by Ultimate Smart Bed

The Q8 mattress from Instant Comfort offers premium features to give you the best night of sleep possible. The removable duvet-style pillow top cover features two different sides that make it perfect for staying warm in the winter and keeping cool during the summer.Gel-infused visco elastic foam and a reversible comfort layer provide contouring comfort. Create a custom feel in your mattress with the air pump and control system of each Instant Comfort mattress. Wired remotes and the Bluetooth equipped allow you to choose one of 45 comfort levels to find the comfort that works best for you. Each side of the mattress can be controlled independently or together.


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Queen Dual Sleeper Q8 Pillow Top Mattress
Queen Dual Sleeper Q8 Pillow Top Mattress
Original Price: $6,699.99
Sale Price: $3,799.99
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